Golden moments await your attention. These golden moments are not unique in and of themselves . . . more of the same day to day that you always experience. However, these golden moments are moments of Divine Connection granted to you by your own awareness.

Each time you notice something in your life with gratitude, you experience a golden moment. Each time you notice another person with compassion, you experience a golden moment. Each time you center yourself in your own awareness, you experience a golden moment.

Within these golden moments greater energies arise. Greater power exists. Profound connection happens. Awareness expands. Insights flow.

Perhaps you have already experienced these insights and expanded awareness. Shift your focus just a bit and notice the golden light that surrounds and fills these moments. This golden light holds great healing power for you along with great insights. This golden light beams straight from the heavenly realms. This golden light exists all around you at all times, yet with your awareness, the flow of light from the heavenly realms happens and your connection with Divine Source amplifies.

Why do we care? Why do we bring this to your attention? Because you are now ready for this infusion of golden light. It may appear to you as a beam of light or it may appear to you as sparkles of light around you. You may not even see this light, but it is living and active in your behalf.

Notice. Awaken. Connect. Bring gratitude into your awareness. What ever difficulty may exist in your life will be bathed in this golden light and you will become empowered to make a change, change your heart, change your mind or change your circumstances as much as it is possible for you to do so. At the same time this golden light dances through this issue and breaks loose opportunities and heals old wounds.

Healing and change become powered by this golden light.

This new energy is gifted to you now because you are now ready for it. Take it on. Use it with grace.

We cherish you as you receive this light. Dance in this light, Beloved Ones. Let this light dance within you and within your circumstances.