Habituated patterns embed themselves into your life. This is neither right nor wrong. It just is. However, some of those habituated patterns steal aspects of your life from you.

Certainly, it is a great habit to brush your teeth after every meal. Yet, you do not define yourself as a tooth-brusher or one who brushes their teeth daily as a sole description of your life.

Whereas, other habits or habituated patterns tend to define you. Sometimes to the exclusion of not trying something new.

You may prefer to watch television every evening. Do you define yourself as a couch potato? Even just jokingly in your mind? And yet, you may tend to allow that labeled habit to define your choices every day rather than allow yourself opportunity to experience other things.

Do you prefer to drink a particular beverage? Is that who you are? Does this require you to judge those that drink something else as less than or even the enemy? Does this preclude you from trying another beverage upon occasion? You may still hold to your preferences, yet you allow yourself to move beyond a constricting definition of who or what you are. You may observe others with open curiosity rather than disdain.

What about other habituated patterns? Is it actually imperative to drive in a hurry or has that just become a habit. Is it actually imperative to get grumpy when washing clothes or has that, too, just become a habit.

Transform your habituated patterns into worthy activities. Allow your patterns to support your journey rather than to limit you or define you in this journey.

Your true identity exists beyond the habituated patterns. Allow yourself to be guided by The Light. In this, you will find the truth of your existence. You will find and contain peace in every action and the joy you so strongly desire shall be found in trusting this Light to guide you - as It will.

Create yourself anew each day with new choices supported by guidance from The Light. You are emerging.

We delight in this transformation you are already doing!