This time of year we reach for pumpkin flavored everything and enjoy spooking ourselves out. Hmmm/ what costume shall I wear this year? Haunted corm maze? I’m there! I’m all for the fun and games of this holiday, yet I’ve experienced some really weird stuff over the years and have a word or two of caution for you.

First, let me say this. Ghosts are real.

When a person passes from this world generally speaking they just go to the Light without hesitation or difficulty. Upon a rare occasion, if someone is extremely distressed during their passing or has some major unresolved issues that block them from the Light, they stay between here and there. I call that the “Grey Place”. Most often, even in a very distressful passing, people cross directly to the Light. It is the natural course of business! It is the rare occasion that someone doesn’t cross.

Those that don’t cross can look for someone who is currently experiencing life challenges that are hanging them up and watch to see how they live life. It’s like they are looking for answers to their own questions and seek it among the living rather than going to the Light where all the questions are answered. These spirits hang out and hang on looking for closure or answers. Once they see, “Oh! That’s how people get through that!” Then, with that awareness, they automatically cross into the Light.

Unfortunately, some of these spirits get stuck because they want us to do it their way. It didn’t work for them, but they are so sure they are right, they interfere in the life of whomever they are watching. They can do this with flashing lights, things falling, and other things. (Note: Loved ones that HAVE crossed over can flash lights and move objects also. The difference is, they are trying to let you know they are here as a form of comfort. The other un-crossed spirits are trying to upset you—it feels very different.)

Some un-crossed spirits attach themselves to buildings they used to frequent—houses—places of work, etc. Some un-crossed spirits attach themselves to objects like antiques or hand-me-down items. Not usually clothes, but physical objects like furniture or jewelry, etc.

These un-crossed spirits usually mean no harm but are attached to their stuff and unwilling to let go. You can’t take it with you, so they stay with their stuff.

However, you encounter an un-crossed spirit, please help them cross over!! Ghosts are not pets! Ghosts or un-crossed spirits are stuck! Would you leave a puppy caught in the mud? No! You’d help it get out and get it home! Their home is not with you! They cannot learn what they need to learn from you! They cannot stay stuck and be home in the Light!

How do you help them over? When you feel their presence, acknowledge them. Ask Divine Source to open a portal of Light. Ask for angels to come to assist. Often their loved ones will stand at the edge of the portal of Light. (They cannot come back to get their loved one, but the angels can.) Encourage the spirit/ghost/un-crossed one to go to the Light. Tell them, “It’s okay. You’ll have all your questions answered. It’s safe to go to the Light. They usually are surprised and delighted to go! What a blessing to be of service in this way!! (I have many blessed stories of this I could share with you!)

If you are struggling with a difficult un-crossed one, get help! Don’t engage these alone! Never let them see you sweat. They cannot read your mind, so you can be freaking out to yourself and they won’t know. Just stay calm and strong and get help right away. Prayer is a powerful protector in the meantime. So much I have to share with you about all this.

Final thoughts: Pray. Help if you can. Get help if needed. Love wins.