Your hearts are troubled, Dear Ones. For us this appears as a shroud over your hearts and a dimming of your light.

It is easy to understand this. The shroud is doubt. Doubt clouds your light as well as clouding your minds. You doubt your ability to rise to whatever circumstances may occur. You doubt that Divine Source will guide you. You doubt that circumstances will move in your favor. You doubt that your world will ever be okay again.

Indeed these are troubling thoughts. The fact that these thoughts inhabit your heart as well as your head is concerning.

Truth is, your heart has its own wisdom. This wisdom depends not upon life occurrences or life changes. This wisdom relies upon the energy of truth. The truth of energy. The heart perceives the energy of what is and what exists beyond what is seen with one's eyes. The heart perceives the truth of the flow of energy.

This truth speaks volumes of the human capacity for adaptation and the human capacity for - well, humanity - the humanitarian act of compassion. The doubt cannot perceive these things.

The heart knows that whatever comes next, it will do its best.

The heart knows that what others may choose to do only creates opportunity for kindness.

The heart searches the ethereal realms for the truth of awakening and awareness and then searches for ways to use the heart awakening and the expanded awareness for good.

Doubt creeps in and shrouds the heart so it cannot search as it normally does.

Release this shroud of doubt, Dear Ones! Choose one kind thing to do for one's self or for another human being or for a living creature or a plant or even rocks and stones. This kindness can look like an act of good will or an appreciation. This in turn re-activates the heart in its open search for truth that resonates and amplifies the truth of who you really are.

This search is a natural occurrence. This search is not a frightened and frantic hunt, but rather an opening - an expansion - a welcoming. Can you feel this difference?

Do you feel the frantic hunting ease up as you expand and open your heartspace to the truth of who you are and the truth of love's capacity to change the world? You will see others who are stepping up and stepping out in faith and your faith will be strengthened. You will see other acting in kindness and your compassion will reactivate. You will experience the beauty of a dawn or sunset and your capacity for appreciation will grow.

You are already feeling this, are you not? Indeed. What a blessing you are!

Even if the shroud of doubt fills you again from time to time, you can readjust yourself back into heartcenteredness with just a bit of expanded awareness into your true heart-of-hearts. So much grace is available for you here.

Welcome home. - The Ancient Ones