It is Spring in the physical world in this time and place that we are speaking with you now. Whether it is winter when you read this, the message shall remain active.

You feel renewed warmth of the sun and see the new growth on trees and plants around you. This renewal warms the soul, does it not? It brings a stirring within, an optimism. And it brings hope.

Hope is a powerful spiritual force that grants deepening expansive awareness. Without hope, the awareness can only perceive to a limited level the expansive blessings and guidance available. Hope, or positive anticipation, opens channels of blessings, love, awareness and joy.

Yet, hope eludes many. Darkness of the dreary winter can drown out hope. Darkness of dreary speech also drowns out hope. Darkness of fear, along with darkness of worry also extinguish hope. Drudgery, and a sense of powerlessness drowns out hope.

But hear this!!! Hope drowns out dreary speech, fear, worry, drudgery and powerlessness! Hope is the cure! Hope is the pathway! Hope is the solution!

How does one rekindle Hope?

By remembering that Hope exists . . . Knowing Hope endures . . . Believing Hope IS!

You remember the green grasses from the previous year. You remember the flowers and leafed out trees. As you remember these, Hope returns. You know the plants are sending out roots and are awakening. You know the buds on the trees will become leaves. You know the flowers will awaken and return. You believe the trees endured the winter. You believe the flowers remember how to bloom. You believe the shrubs again dress in their lush green attire.

Are these false beliefs? No! Are these beliefs built upon fairy tales or wishes? No! They are truth in the making. These beliefs are Hope fulfilling itself.

Certainly, some winters claim plants due to the severity of the weather or the timing of the bitterness. Yet, not all plants are claimed. Certainly, some of your hopes may have been lost to the severity of life or the bitterness of others. Yet, not all of your hopes have been lost. Many await the warmth of your attention and the light of your awareness.

Hope, Dear Ones. Bring Hope into your awareness through the sweetness of memories and the joy of possibilities. Your Hope is neither foolish nor lost.

The Hope you cultivate creates illuminated growth within you that expands into your world.

May you find Hope, Dear Ones! We Hope you do!