You hold on to disappointments as if they were precious to you. Disappointments and the hurt that ensues obstructs your spiritual growth.

Letting go of what you hoped or what you expected (of others, or yourself, or from Divine Source) can be a challenge. This challenge asks you to release what is not . . . Not letting go of hope, but letting go of what is not here.

Hope survives a disappointment. Hope buoys the heart while it searches for truth and for the next step.

Denial asks you to pretend that your heart's desires are not important. Hope supports and sustains the heart-of-hearts when a disappointment removes a cherished desire.

What is the essence of the hope within the original heart's desire? Know that the true essence of the original heart's desire may be fulfilled, yet fulfilled in an unexpected way.

Perhaps you had your heart set on a raise or a promotion. That raise or promotion may have fallen through, yet your underlying hope of financial ease may find another way to fulfill itself. Perhaps a different career or a release of financial burdens or some other unexpected assistance.

Perhaps you had your heart set on a relationship that fell apart. The underlying hope of love and being loved in a balanced and blessed way remains. You now know what doesn't work and had a taste of what you really desire. Look in a new way for that heart's desire's fulfillment.

Look with the eyes and the heart of hope. Knowing the clarity and peace that comes with balanced love (neither giving too much nor taking too much). Loving one's self in that way offers doors of opportunity to attain the same love in a relationship.

Hope abides here in this moment. Looking too far down the road steals this moment from you. In this moment, hope sustains you. Allow this sustenance to flow to you by releasing disappointment and the crystallized energy derived from the hurt and sorrow.

Allow yourself to reside within the light of your own being. Allow Divine Light to nourish this hope within the light of your own being. Your prayers are heard.

We hold great hope for you and with you.