Intuitive Tarot

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Throw away your Tarot book and learn how to read on more of an intuitive basis!  Come practice in a safe and nurturing environment.  All experience levels are welcomed.

About Intuitive Tarot

I really enjoy and appreciate using the Tarot as a tool for intuitive readings. The pictures on the cards speak volumes, and in combination with the questions asked, and the position in the reading, each card can have a myriad of meanings. I’ve been doing readings professionally for over 25 years and every reading still blows me away. The information that comes through . . . the blessings that abound . . . the insights that assist. One just cannot make this stuff up!

I used to be very concerned about the Tarot and didn’t want to have anything to do with it. As frequently happens with me, the Universe (God) looks at that and probably chuckles and says, “hmm…what do you think of this?” Then throws me a curve ball that shifts my thinking completely. (Because, I’m usually pretty convinced about something I know nothing about and I’m often wrong about my preconceived ideas.)

Perhaps that’s why Intuitive Tarot is so exciting for me. Every time I open up intuitively I’m surprised and blessed. I believe that everyone is intuitive. Remember that time you said to yourself, “gosh, I wish I’d listened to that inner voice.” That was your intuition being guided by Divine Source to your highest and best good.

We just don’t know how to listen. Yet.

Intuition is like a muscle. If you use a muscle it gets stronger. If we get laid up with an injury or illness, the muscle weakens. If we ignore our intuition/Divine Connection, it’s like not moving the muscle and it’s not very strong. Then! Something important comes through and we get all freaked out because it’s so strong that we are afraid of it!

That strong message happens because even though we are spiritual couch potatoes, information beyond regular awareness wants to come through!  These messages hold great blessings for us.

Imagine what would happen if we actually paid attention to our intuition routinely and allowed it to flow in a supportive and active way. Awesomeness happens!

Intuitive Tarot is one of many tools that accesses and strengthens the intuition.  If you’ve freaked yourself out at least once or have had intuitive experiences now and then, it might be time to develop your intuition with Intuitive Tarot.

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