Your consciousness holds an active presence within the Universe. Your awakened awareness rests within the expansive knowing of All That Is. Your open mindfulness exists within and influences the world.

Each thought you generate contains an electrical charge. More repetition of the same thought sets up energy fields in your world. When one person's thought fields is in harmonic with another person's thought field, the collective energetic field expands. For good or for ill, the energetic field influences an energetic fields around itself. This is why hate leads to more hate. Love leads to more love. Gratitude leads to more gratitude. Joy leads to more joy.

If a joyful person holds a strong energy field for joy, it's nearly impossible to diminish this energetic field. So, too, it is nearly impossible to resist the influence of this energetic field. People become more joyful around other people who have set their energetic field in tune with joy. People willing to become joyful gravitate towards a person with a joy filled energetic field. Those unwilling to become joyful gravitate towards those without joy in their energetic field.

This may not seem to be a conscious choice, yet it is a choice and each person has the capacity to change should they become willing to do so ... or ask to be gifted with willingness to shift.

Joy begets joy. Joy expands joy.

So, how does one create or allow their energy field to fill with joy? Notice a blessing - any blessing - in your life right now and become glad about it. You may not experience giddy glee, but you've just shifted the energetic field within and around your body to the resonance of joy. The sun is shining and you can become glad about it. The night sky seems peaceful and you can become glad about it. You ate something that tasted good and you can become glad about it.

Again, be glad about any blessing. Notice any blessing with gladness. Whatever experience you may find yourself within, notice any blessing with gladness. Notice that, while you are noticing the blessing, that you become able to feel relief that the blessing exists for you. Notice that you feel more at ease. Notice that you begin to feel less burdened. Notice that you experience a brightening sensation around your eyes. Notice that you experience a more expansive awareness of your surroundings. Notice that you feel glad about this expansion in your awareness - even if your surroundings are less than ideal, you begin to feel glad that your awareness has expanded.

Then notice another blessing and repeat the gladness process we just shared with you.

Each time you notice a blessing with gladness, your energetic field shifts towards joy. Joy is the expanded version of gladness. Joy is your rightful state of being. Reclaim this right.

We await your return to joy filled awareness.