Five years ago, I planted a lovely, unique purple/blue Rose-of-Sharon bush. It was a new variety. I planted it to honor a loved one who passed away. To my chagrin, I discovered this particular variety isn’t very well suited to this climate. It takes forever to get leaves and finally blooms on my birthday in September. It’s taken out by the first frost, so that’s just a few weeks of blooms.

This spring I diligently covered it with sheets to protect it from the cold spell we had. I covered it last year as well and lost a whole side of the plant. Alas, half of the plant died this year, too. It looked really pitiful to tell the truth.

I cut it down this evening. Broke my heart because of who it was intended for. Yet, sometimes it’s just time to let go.

Let go of plants. Let go of people. Let go of dreams. Let go of expectations.

It’s so hard! What if I just was more diligent in covering it. Nope. Not going to help. I already did my best every year up to this point.

So it is with some people as well. We do our best and yet it’s not sufficient to carry the relationship any further. We cannot do our part and their part, too. We try. It’s hard to give up. It’s not in our nature! We have hope!

Yet, sometimes the “if only’s” wear us out. If only I was a better friend. If only I knew what they needed. If only we had more time. The trick is to know when to keep trying and when to let go. Right?

The heart will tell us, if we actually listen. We listen to the mental musings of our mind that insists there is more for us to do.

Yet, the heart knows the truth. Sigh. So hard to listen with our hearts when it’s telling us something we don’t want to hear. Our heart speaks to us with gentle nudges of discomfort or huge rushes of sadness. Sometimes the heart speaks to us with tones of finality. “I’m done.” It says.

When we combine our heart and soul with Divine Spirit, we get the full picture. The heart may whisper tones of longing to let go and our soul and Divine Spirit will show us a new option!

Look for the option!

My beautiful hibiscus plant delivered four baby plants last year. Three made it through the winter and are already beginning to grow! I’m going to plant one of these beauties where the unworkable Rose-of-Sharon used to be! (The other two are spoken for, sorry.) I could not let go of the Rose-of-Sharon until I saw the little hibiscus this spring. Then I knew. My heart and my head were at peace with this decision because Divine Spirit gave me a new choice.

Pray about things that you feel restricted or sad about. Pray about what you are considering letting go. Then listen to your heart as you awaken to new possibilities. Once your head and heart and soul line up with your spiritual opportunities, the decision to let go is much easier.

I still shed a tear as I took the dead bush down to the ground. I spoke my love to my loved one who passed those years ago. Yet, my heart was free to move on to a new choice. I almost felt exhilarated as I worked on the first steps of the project. I am doing the right thing. It feels right. It feels right in my mind, in my heart, in my soul, in my awareness and in my connection to Divine Spirit. So, ponder and wait for the guidance. Your letting go will heal you on many levels. Your journey will be blessed.