Your heart and your mind link with your soul/spirit to create . . . to create!! What your heart desires and your mind can conceive, your soul/spirit accesses Divine Energy to create.

This creation is miraculous.

Within this creation energy holds a higher awareness that guides you not only to creating your heart's desires, but to much more and much better than your mind can imagine!

Within this creation awareness resides the power of Divine Source who knows what serves you better and best.

Any unfulfilled wishes may be a result of lack of true heart's desire, a lack of imagination, or a lack of spiritual insight to fulfill your goal.

Divine Source will not thwart any heart's desire that is worthy. Even things that are not ideal may be manifested because there is learning within the process.

We ask that you listen to your intuition and your insights as these nudges from Divine Source guide you toward your goals, hopes and dreams. Hold your goals, hopes and dreams lightly in your expanded awareness. This grants you the opportunity to learn, grow, revise, and revisit as necessary.

You may find your goals, hopes and dreams change and adapt with this form of expanded awareness because of the guidance and insight you are receiving.

Within the journey of fulfilling your goals, hopes and dreams, you will find your destiny - your purpose - your mission as a loving manifestation of Divine Source.

We are in awe of your power, your light, and your brilliance in fulfilling this manifestation of Divine Love.