There is a great gift residing in your heart.

One that often finds itself overlooked. A gift that changes everything in a moment.

This gift is the gift of appreciation. When one appreciates another human being, both are uplifted and the energy expands.

Though kindness holds great value, appreciation extends beyond a kindness.Appreciation is a heart-felt expression of the Light of Love that permeates all boundaries and borders, walls and overlays.

Appreciation breaks through all barriers and creates a link and a harmonic that expands and grows.

A simple thank you is an appreciation. A specific thank you for a specific deed is a stronger appreciation. A written thank you or a physical expression (pay it forward) of thank you is an even stronger appreciation.

Bless one another with these forms of appreciation and see your world change.

You already ARE changing the world in this way!

Teach others this by example and by direct instruction - especially the young and the downhearted.

We bless you in this.