Many feel trapped by life.

No way through the current struggle.

We hear your cries!

You expect that if there is not an instant miracle that the Divine does not hear or know.

You forget! YOU are the MIRACLE!

Your power of choice allows you to take action in your own behalf and in the behalf of the entire world. Your positive thoughts and actions are changing everything.

Just as the winter snow takes days of warmth from the sun to thaw, so, too, your obstacles take days of refraining from the chilling effects of negativity. Negativity is like a cloud that covers the sun and stops the warming effects. The sun still exists! Yet it cannot reach your circumstances with your clouds of doubt, fear and negativity blocking its warmth.

This is not to say you must put your head in the sand and pretend all is well when you are suffering. Rather, begin to allow the Healing Light of Love to penetrate your circumstances by choosing to find that which is good and right and beautiful in your world. Cannot find it? Ask someone what they find as good and right and beautiful! Share in their experience of that!

Negativity or negative circumstances cannot remain as an energy construct if you choose to move into a new pattern of choice. Allow the Light of Love to do its work while you breathe, explore and take the next right step, and find that which is good and right and beautiful.

This speeds the negativity melting cycle.

Become willing to choose this for yourself.

We walk with you. The Light is nearby. So is your breakthrough!