Twilight is the between time. Between sunrise and daytime, between evening and night.

Sometimes, our lives find themselves in the twilight times. Not really engaged fully in goal setting and achieving and not really committed to rest and rekindling one's energy. Not really tired, and not really enthusiastic about a new step.

This soft time of twilight has its own energy. Its own spiritual identity.

Things are softer here. The harsh brightness of day has softened. The intense darkness of night has softened.

This soft energy implores you to soften one's self into a cherished hush of sweetness.

In the dawn, the birds begin to chirp and the day awakens with delight. So too, awaken within you your soul's song. Your heart knows it. Listen and you will hear it awaken within you.

In the dusk, the crickets sing their song. So, too - ease into your soul's song accentuated by the heartbeat. In both dusk and dawn, the sky fills with brilliant colors.

Be brilliant in your willingness to be. Let others see and witness the brilliance of your centered soul.

Pause and recognize the twilight when neither actions nor rest feel comfortable.

We wait for you in the twilight, Dear One.