Your journey leads you away from your goal to fulfill your goal in interesting and new ways.

These creative ways may seem frustrating, yet follow your heart and allow it to lead you directly to where you want to be, become, do, and have.

Those pieces of the journey that seem to be detours are merely opportunities to store experiences and wisdom for use in the future.

Pay gratitude to them.

Each step of your journey reveals rich blessings.

Like looking for mushrooms, you may have to go into the dark places and you may find a few worms and bugs along the way. These, too, enrich the earth.

Allow them to be what they are and who they are.

Feel free to walk away from creepy crawly things/people.

No need to hate or berate. They merely are doing what they came here to do.

Allow and move on to richer fields and richer earth and the goal you prize. (If you don't care for mushrooms, you can change this analogy and utilize its message for your own taste.)

Have fun along the way. We do!