You are more powerful than you know.

You may feel adrift in the winds of change, or barely afloat in the sea of life, yet you can control the wind and the sea.

Our Beloved One commanded the seas and the winds to show you it can be done physically. You can use the power of your voice, your intent, and your authority as a Child of Light to make changes in this world you call home.

These changes may not be instantaneous, but they will be lasting.

First, take a few moments to breathe.

Be still.

Know that you are not alone.

Be still with this knowing.

In this moment of stillness and knowing ask for your truth and longing to be revealed. (Note: often you feel as if your want is your truth and your longing and it is not necessarily so. You may WANT others to change, yet your soul longs for you to stand up for yourself or to be able to be noticed and appreciated. This process reveals what your soul longing might be.)

Once you acknowledge your soul's longing, speak it aloud. (Note: "I am treated with honor and appreciation.")

Once spoken, this vibration begins to create a shift or change in the energy around you. This may cause others to react. Just notice that this is EVIDENCE of the power of your intent, voice, and authority as a Child of Light!!!

Notice and allow yourself to notice how you feel. Respect your feelings. If you don't like others reactions, return to stillness and allow yourself to move away from the unpleasant energy - whether physically or energetically.

This distance is not emotional withdrawal as that is emotional and energetic blackmail...totally ineffective. Instead, allow yourself space within yourself and return to stillness in this space. This is called peace.

(Another note: You may wish to speak your truth/longing aloud privately at first. You may also wish to ask others to join you in the speaking of your words as united energies increase the power and effectiveness of this process.)

We have much more to say to you about this, but, for now, do these things and be blessed.