Your preconceived perceptions create a box wherein you store your judgments and your fears. Within this box of limitations, you also hold old pain and sorrows. Having this box is a good thing. This allows you to seal up this box and send it away from you. It is ready to ship!

Unfortunately, the return address is your own.

And once this box returns to your awareness you open it up and review its contents and feel the suffering once again.

However, you could instead, unpack this box and mindfully heal that which still causes pain. This mindful healing does not require examination and re-wounding one's self. Instead, it merely asks for noticing what hurts and becoming willing to see it from a new perspective.

To see old pain from the perspective of Light reveals a deeper Truth ready to be seen. That one that hurt you was in great pain and you no longer need to carry that pain for them and you can release it willingly and effortlessly. This begs the Universe, God, Higher Power, Loving Spirit of Light, to assist this release and to pour clear, healing energy into the place where pain once held sacred ground.

You get to choose, at this point whether to carry this clear, healing energy or to carry the pain to send back to yourself again and again.

Should you choose to carry the clear, healing energy, you will find ways in which to amplify this energy and ways in which to share it.

This energy is ready to ship! You may send it where ever your set your intent. To the planet? To a friend? To yourself? To a stranger?

It fits. It ships. And you are free.

We rejoice in your choice for freedom!