A new day is dawning for you.

Not just a new physical day with the sun rising in the sky, but a new dawning of awareness with your insight expanding in the sky of your mind.

You are evolving. Even the cells in your body do not remain the same and your energetic self evolves as well. With each new level of awareness, a new energy is deposited down into your DNA - transforming you. Your responses to life will not be the same. Your feelings will harmonize with abundance and joy. Your strengths will strengthen and your weaknesses will fade.

You already have invested the effort, now allow this change to take place. Grudges, past hurts, and old sorrows coupled with regrets lock you into your previous self. Your suffering self.

You are ready to move beyond suffering. Challenges in life will happen - that is the way of living. Yet, you will not suffer as a result. There will be an uplifting and a cherishing that will bless you and carry you through any discomfort.

This allows you to rise above the old and shift into the new. The new you is expansive. The new you is loving with clear, safe boundaries. The new you is blessed and is a blessing. The new you is here.

Welcome the new you now. The new you holds an amazing future before you.

We await you there.