Your past still influences your today unless you discovery a healing for your wounds. Your wounds are not who you are, yet they speak to your soul words of fear and strife that occurred when you suffered. These wounds call to you from long ago for healing.

You hear this call and recite the old wound rather than find healing. You suffer rather than break free.

This is actually normal. Normal but not optimal.

It's time to break free, Dear One! It is time to release yourself from those old wounds your received and the wounds you created within yourself when you felt you fell short.

Even the reacting negatively to a situation out of your control leaves a scar. This is the scar of regret. You feel as if you could have or should have acted differently.

Perhaps. Or perhaps you did the best you could with where you were in your journey. Perhaps you hang on to regret to assure yourself that you won't fail in that same way again. This holding on consumes mass amounts of energy! You are ready to release the pain of an old wound and the pain of any wrong-doing.

We bless you on this path of discovery that leads you to your true self. We walk with you and guide you on this journey to releasing.

Walk free, Dear One! We walk with you!