As you approach today's activities, notice your state of being. Is your mind rushed? Is your body tired? Are your emotions running high? These states of being do not assist you. They are byproducts of stress and daily life that bleed from one activity to another.

Before beginning a new activity, find ways to get clear. Yes, we know that you attempt to do many things at once . . . yet, in reality only one task occupies your awareness at a time.

Get clear by taking a few deep breaths. Say to yourself, "This is now." Shift your visual focus to a faraway object and then return to the task at hand.

Each of these things shifts the energy fields to support you in your next task.

Without this shift it is as if you drag the energetic structure of one task with you into the next. That can be exhausting claiming and carrying unnecessary energetic constructs with you. Shifting focus only takes a moment, but can make a huge difference in your day and in your actions.

Let's say you are washing dishes and need to shift to driving your car. The energy construct of water registers in your energy field while you are washing dishes. You are not aware of it, yet it exists in the etherial realms to assist you in your task. The dishes themselves hold energetic structure. Especially if they were gifted to you by your grandmother or if there is a chip that bothers you. That energetic construct supports your dishwashing efforts by supporting you. However, once you get into your vehicle and begin to drive, your dishwashing constructs no longer serve. They clutter.

Take just a moment to clear and shift between activities and you'll find you have more energy and ease of accomplishing the task at hand.

Side benefit becomes a clearer mind, calmer soul, and a brighter intent.

Notice now and see what energy constructs that are not in use might be still engaged in your energy field. Sweep and clear or speak and clear. This simplifies and energizes everything you do.

You are welcome.