When you find the world bringing irritation into your awareness, give this your full attention.

This is not to say give in to the temptation to become irritated or irritable or angry. Rather, use this moment as an insight for your greater understanding and spiritual growth into peace and harmony.

By noticing an irritation, you move beyond the annoyance and into a state of mind of open curiosity. This open curiosity has much to teach you, once you become willing to listen.

What your open curiosity wants you to hear and know is this ... something is amiss. Someone cut you off in traffic? That person has lost a sense of boundaries - physically and emotionally. Perhaps their boss has expectations beyond the actual job requirements. Perhaps a family member restricts their thinking by using judgments and emotional blackmail. Rather than resorting to annoyance, find gratitude for the solace of your own family and the worthy work in which you do. If your family and your work also diminishes your boundaries, yet you do not act out behind the wheel, then honor yourself. This blesses without diminishing self or another.

Whatever your irritation, notice self. This self-awareness allows you to move into a sacred state of being that transcends life's irritations.

From our perspective, life's irritations signifies life itself. Humans are not quite ready for full-time bliss! Their hearts are filled with doubt and mistrust which blocks bliss. Moving into a higher state of awareness allows bliss to filter into even the most irritating of circumstances. Once bliss establishes a foothold, it strengthens and blesses deeply.

From this foothold of bliss, creativity and joy emerge.

Not finding time for creative activities or joy-filled moments? Double check the irritations. Use this attentiveness to open the possibility for bliss to awaken within. It's already there. It is your rightful state of being!

As you notice the irritations from the space of Sacred Observer, you open your heart space to healing old wounds and trusting new experiences. Bliss reveals itself.

We take great delight in seeing this shift within you!