As you ponder your next step, we wait with you.

Perhaps fear of failure holds you back from stepping forward. Perhaps a desire to have all the assurances lined up before you precludes you from moving forward. This, too, is fear of failure.

Your feeling unsure is part of the growing process. You are learning as you move forward. You are acquiring new truths to guide you as you remain open.

We cannot keep you from falling nor from failing, Dear One. For falling and failing are parts of the unfolding of the wondrous destiny that awaits you.

Take courage, Dear One. Your true self is pure and a great beacon of light. This part of you cannot fail. It will shine no matter what your circumstances - no matter what the outcome - whether you judge it to be a success or a failure.

Your concern for the outcome - the positive abundance flowing towards you - moves beyond concern and abides in fear.

If something is not working, you can and will adjust and shift and make a new choice. You are not locked into what lies ahead. The future is malleable - changeable - fluid. Multiple possible futures exist for you. What you choose adjusts this flow.

Don't like the flow? Choose again?

But you fear you will stop before the miracle happens or that you won't finish to attain the prize. The Divine Destiny that awaits you has nothing to do with this part of your outcome.

You cannot miss your gift nor your calling. You cannot, by way of choice - or by way of external force - miss the inner blessing which leads to the external manifestation of blessings.

Fear tries to keep you safe.

Fear blocks your next step. Every new step takes you away from the comfort of what was into the joy of what is becoming.

Walk tall and proud and full of assurance as you move forward in your life. Your path unfolds before you in Divine Timing. Walk this path from your spiritual core - from your sense of respect and self-esteem as well as your knowing Peace.

We walk with you as you take your next step.