It's okay to say, "no".

Your compassionate heart wants to be of service and wants to help others on the journey. Yet, you forget your exist within a finite body. This finite body has its limitations. So does your energy reserves and your pocketbook.

God is the Ultimate Source. You are not. You may be an expression of Divine Love and have opportunity to share and assist. This is good. We thank you for that.

If you find that you are blessing others by being a blessing and feel empty afterwards, you may be over-blessing.

Please remove yourself from being the ultimate source for another human being. By over-serving, you close the door for another to the Source. You also close the door for yourself to Divine Source by standing in the way rather than Following The Way.

As your energetic reserves dwindle, recharge yourself through prayer, reading spiritual books, receiving a healing, quiet time in meditation, getting your hands and feet in the dirt to plant a flower or to just "be" for a bit. Allow yourself to be blessed - by others and by Divine Source.

Once recharged, you may bless and be blessed.

Don't know how to say "no". Perhaps you could say, "I am taking some down time today." or "I'll consider it and get back to you." or "No, thank you." or "What might your other options be?"

We honor your compassionate heart in this physical journey and walk with you as your acquire a greater sense of balance and joy. We encourage you to focus your compassionate heart upon yourself, also.

We bless you in this.

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