Your day fills with challenges, stress and duty. And yet, this is not who you are. Your day fills with interactions with family, friends, and co-workers. And yet, this is not who you are. Your day fills with fleeting moments of experiences. And yet, this is not who you are.

You bring who you are into whatever it is that you do.

Who might that be?

The better question is, who do you choose to be?

In this moment, you have the power to choose who you express yourself to be. Do you choose to express the stressed out version of yourself? Or do you choose to express the Sacred Observer noticing one's self in the stream of stressful events?

You forget your Divine Nature and your connection to Divine Source. You tend to get caught up in the moments that engulf you rather than allowing yourself to embrace what is important, true, and valuable.

Yes, those deadlines are important. Yes, those relationships are important. Yes, those moments are important. Yet, so are you.

Remember to remember yourself as you journey through your life. Create moments of clarity and moments of appreciation of beauty to grace your day - each day.

Then, the complaining and the energy draining experiences merely wash over you, not through you. Allow Spirit to flow to you. Rather than being drowned in stress, you become flooded in Peace, Love, and Compassion. Balance returns.

We embrace you as you journey through life with a renewed spirit.