Even now as we speak, your cells are renewing themselves. This is beyond your direct control. This happens without your direct attention.

In this renewing process, your intent and your will do create a response within this renewing process.

Fill your body with poor nutrition along with hate and judgment and your body's own renewal process is slowed.

Image by Dan McDonald

Image by Dan McDonald

Conversely, feed your body with nutritious foods and bless your awareness with kindness and compassionate thoughts and your body heals faster and renews itself better.

Yet, those negative thoughts pester your every waking moment, do they not?

It blesses you to return your awareness to kindness and compassion each time it wanders after the negativity. It's as if it is a siren's song calling you off your path. The end leads to destruction, yet the negative call beckons relentlessly.

Arm yourself, Dear One! Find a key phrase that you can install in your awareness that brings you out of that negativity quickly. Yes, you may find yourself there more often than not, yet you need not stay there unarmed and helpless.

Here is the truth, Dear One . . . often negativity calls deeply to the soul because the soul has a destiny to right the wrong or heal the wound in one's self or others. Listen to hear if you are being called to action.

If not, flee the trap immediately!

Being called to action yields positive action within a negative space. Light banishes darkness. Shine forth and do good.

Listen carefully...

Is the negativity that beckons you calling you to abandon hope and joy to wallow in the suffering? Or is the negativity calling you to make changes within yourself and within your environment?

Trust your heart-of-hearts to provide you with the truth of it. Within this Truth, Divine Source assists the renewal of your body, mind, and spirit.

We assist you in this process.