You are more powerful than you know. You can change your mind and with it your intent. You can have a change of heart and with it a shift in consciousness.

These changes create ripples of change throughout the Universe. You may not feel the impact of one little change, and yet it is the beginning of a huge shift in consciousness.

Our concern for you is that you tend to stay stuck when you'd rather move forward. Those old patterns, once established, hold an anchor of energy. This is a good thing! This keeps you stable as you grow and learn.

However, when the time comes to lift anchor and set sail, the will gets caught in same-ness hypnosis. Today bleeds into tomorrow and soon many tomorrows flow by. This is not getting into the flow we speak of! This is the standing still while the journey flows around you. We prefer you step into the flow and allow the flow to carry you to a new perspective - a new point of view - a new existence.

As you move into a new level of awareness, you expand that awareness and you set a new vibration into motion in the physical plane and in the Etherial Realms.

When you bring your sacred awareness into the process, everything shifts into a sacred energy. There are many things in your awareness right now that are not sacred. Bring a new sacred awareness into and onto that experience and things shift toward the greater good.

This frees you to be more authentic and more at ease in your own world.

Welcome this new world and move freely into this new level of flow. Life uplifts you more and you awaken more deeply into the truth of who you really are.

We uplift you as you find footing in this new level of awareness. Greater power awaits you.