Where you are and where you want to be exist simultaneously in time. How you are and how you want to be also exist simultaneously in time.

Because you don't know what you want, variations of your possible intentions exist simultaneously in time. The variety in no way lessens the possibility of the outcome. Any outcome has the same energetic possibility held in a space in time.

You get to choose based upon your trajectory from here. What you've already decided about yourself and your journey aligns you with a distinct possibility for your future.

The choices you make right now, the shifts you make right now, the gratitude you express right now . . . these things impact the future that unfolds for you.

Whatever you choose for yourself merely reflects the lessons and the challenges your soul requires for now. No shame or blame or fear of the outcome. Just know that choice of attitude and attention along with gratitude and grace guides the flow from one moment to the next.

Choose gratitude and choose love first. Everything else will fall into place. Your first gratitude might be being grateful that you have the right to choose.

We are grateful for you and your bright spirit of free-will that allows you so many bright futures!