It is time to flourish!

Certainly, you may feel some discomfort as you shift from stagnation to flourishing. Yet, nothing out of the ordinary happens as shift happens - meaning, when you walk, you shift from one foot to the other and take weight off one leg and shift it to the other, shifting the weight within your core - yet the effort is seamless and goes unnoticed because you’ve been walking for a long time now.

A small child weaves and stumbles with every unsure step. Yet, we are not babies. You are children of the Universe certainly, but you have sufficient experience to move forward fearlessly.

Moving from the core is the key. Find your center of balance.

Ahhh, there is the tricky part. Life pulls you in many directions. Expectations from sources outside yourself. Yet, you are connected to Source. This connection aligns you with the spiritual realms and in the physical realm. When you allow yourself to feel this connection, your balance comes into your awareness. The wavering ceases. The next step becomes clear.

Gently allow yourself to lean into the shifting of energy – the shifting of intent. Direct your attention toward that next step and the Universe joins with you and brings ease and assistance from all quarters of the heavenly realms.

Walk in faith.