You crave assurance that you are right or that you are on the right path. This assurance can only come from the journey itself!

You may feel insecure about your journey, and yet the journey itself teaches you. The process of discovery happens when you allow yourself the process of discovery.

Wisdom comes from life experiences and from willingness to welcome every step along the way.

Even when life feels uncomfortable, there is great learning happening! Learn and move on. Staying stuck in the suffering is optional. The moving on allows you the journey on your sacred path.

If there is suffering, you might be learning the incorrect lesson. You might be attempting to exert your will over that which is not your part to do.

You cannot change another person or change the laws of Universe. However, within those laws of Universe abide the power to change one's self for a greater good.

There abides great wisdom in living in the here and now . . . living in the present and The Presence.

This is not existing, but rather living with awareness and attention.

Without awareness and attention, mindfulness and observation, then resistance and ego gets a foothold. These attributes block the angelic assistance that is offered and the love and peace that abides within the soul.

Open your eyes, your heart, your soul and walk the path with trust and gratitude - the wellsprings of blessings flow to you in this state of being.