Gateways, doorways, bridges, stepping stones, highways, trails, paths, stairways - all describe an aspect or detail of a journey.

In some journeys, only stepping stones can get you from one trail to another over a stream. Sometimes, one opens the door and steps through the doorway into a whole new adventure.

These verbal descriptors grant you mental access to what lies ahead.

Where are you right now?

Where would you like to go or what would you prefer to be doing?

What seems to be blocking you?

Do you feel blocked by lack of knowledge or a limited understanding of where you'd like to be? Stepping stones take you from one new idea to the next which will lead you to your destination or to the trail head of the next phase of the journey.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Creating a bridge over the overload will assist you. Build that bridge out of connections with others who can and will assist. Anchor that bridge with clarity of knowing what is your part, and what part(s) belong to others. Waters of obligation often are the basis of feeling overwhelmed. Are you really obligated or do you feel the need to control or over think, over share, and over give?

Do you feel shut out? Create a doorway of opportunity for yourself by creating connections that really matter. Other's opinions or other's judgments may feel important, yet they hold relatively little value in authentic living. Once you create the doorway, you can choose to walk through it or not.

Use your words creatively. They hold great power over the mind and your reality.

As you form your stepping stones, bridges and doorways, remember - we walk with you.