You have heard or read these sacred words. You may think you know what this means. Perhaps you do. Perhaps there is another concept here yet undelivered and not yet perceived.

Often, we see people who walk a sacred path take these words to mean that they must be a perfect example to others . . . never making a mistake nor asking for help.

Yet this light that shines within you isn't about perfection. Nor is it about muddling through by one's self. In actuality, it is far from this.

This light within you shines through any mistakes you may perceive you make. This light is not about what you do. It is about who you are.

You are children of the Light. As holy offspring, you cannot NOT shine. Yet, unfocused this light refracts away in all directions as scattered and diffused energy.

Set your attention and your intent upon kindness and the energy of this light holds a steady beam of brightness that dances through the world. Set your attention and your intent upon gratitude, and the energy of this light holds a steady beam of peace that empowers others. Set your attention and your intent upon forgiveness and this steady beam of light heals yourself and others.

This light that you shine permeates the darkness and uplifts others for miles around. In fact, this light travels beyond the limits of time and space and can be registered in the hearts of others across the globe and throughout the generations.

You have no idea how powerful this light is. We bask in this light as we see it from the ethereal realms. As you connect with others whose light is focused and bright, the light intensifies and sings with a harmonic resonance that shatters the constructs of suffering while healing and uplifting this Earth.

Consider each moment as a new moment to shine. You already are shining! Focus your light upon a concept you wish to engender and amplify in your world.

We behold the beauty of this light and are awestruck.