We honor you on your journey thus far. You walk with Light in your heart and in your awareness. Only a few moments throughout the day do you allow fear, darkness, judgment and distress to enter. You are taking less time to move back out of those energies than you used to. We applaud you in this progress!

We draw your attention to your heart's desire or desires. You do not wish to be afraid, yet your fears diminish your willingness to look at your heart's desires. You do not wish to be distressed, yet your distress diminishes your ability to look at your heart's desires. You do not wish to be in judgment, yet your condemnation of others who are different than you, blocks your heart's desires from coming into your awareness.

Your desire to be awakened and wise becomes crowded out by the impulse to fall back into those old mental and emotional habits.

You've come so far! Let's take another step in the direction of power and joy. To do this, we ask that you take a moment . . . just a moment is all it takes . . . take a moment to consider what peace feels like.

Bring into your mind's eye the visual of a tiny bird within an outcropping of rock. See with your mind a storm raging beyond this cove of safety. It may not yet be time for this little bird to sing, yet, it weathers out the storm in peace.

Your awareness is this little bird. The rock outcrop is your faith - your understanding that there is more to this life than its struggles and that you have Divine Assistance, Divine Connection, and gentle, loving Divine Attention focused upon you right now.

In an instant, your awareness clicks back online and you operate from a different perspective. A perspective of purpose, joy, and abundance.

From this perspective, your heart's desires stand within reach. Step into their presence and their energy and they will materialize for you. Step back into fear and its ilk, and your heart's desire moves away from you.

This seems really hard, and yet it is as simple as the little bird sitting within its safe haven. Allow your mind to find peace - then your journey, its next level, and your heart's desire will be revealed.

Consider this . . . your heart's desire is the same as your soul's song. Moving into the safe haven of your faith, your song will awaken for you to sing. With this singing, your heart's desire shall fulfill itself.

We love to hear this song played out in your life.