Your journey unfolds before you.

Do you see it?

Or do you notice the struggle and strife that is life? Life happens while you are on your journey - it is not the journey itself. The journey unfolds as you awaken.

Bringing yourself into the here and now opens the door to this awakened journey.

You will still be doing life all the while you are awakening and experiencing your awakened journey. Yet life will feel different. Life will be blessed.

Moving into the here and now with an awareness of the expanse of eternity opens you to the "More" that is available now. This awareness grants you serenity - that peace and calm that comes from knowing. You may not know the outcome of your actions, but you will know which actions bless your self and others. Do those things.

In the act of doing, you also become aware of being. Being whole. Being free. Being blessed. Being open. Being connected. Being love and loved.

From this place, give thanks to all who enter your life as a blessing and a lesson. Sometimes the blessing/lesson feels painful. Sometimes, it feels supportive and loving. Either way, the people you encounter contribute to your spiritual growth. Bless them and move along on your journey.

In the same way, you may be a blessing/lesson to another. They may not enjoy an encounter with you! Bless them and move along on your journey. Cause no harm, yet stand sacred ground in all things.

Sow the seeds of love and light and great abundance shall be gifted to you.