Your sacred path is neither a destination nor an experience for which you must quest. Nor is it something to which you might aspire to do "later" or, "when you’re ready" or, "after this problem" or, "when I can get back on track."

You are on your sacred path right now!

Everything you do, think, feel, or say applies to this path.

Everything. Every. Single. Thing.

Whether you feel sacred about it or not is a perception. Are you doing your best? That, Dear One, is a sacred act! Are you being mindful? That, Dear One, is a sacred perception! Do you feel like you are oblivious and lost? That, too, is a sacred perception that allows you to shift and make changes.

Sacredness is not something for which one aspires, but actually is the experience of living. Life is a sacred thing, is it not? Don't you anguish when a small animal is mistreated? So, too, your life is sacred as well. Not because you are helpless, but because you are Divinely lit with a radiance of mercy, kindness, and joy.

Bask in this light, Dear One. Bask in the sacredness of now. Bask in the experience of being in, and on, your sacred path in this very moment.

We honor you in this