You walk through each day with moments of awareness. Good for you! This is all that is asked of you!

These moments of awareness bring forth brilliant light into the world.

Your awareness is a beacon of energy that not only lights your own path, but lights the path for others to see their own way.

Your moments of awareness ignite within you a brilliance that illuminates your journey.

When others see this illumination, their own spark ignites, and their journey becomes awakened as well. You may feel as if you have been detoured or you are just trudging along.

Truth is, every step is sacred. Even the difficult moments along your path have great blessings for you. . . when you enter an awakened state and notice beyond the drudgery.

This noticing while in a state of expanded awareness grants you a higher level of serenity and peace. Meaning: stress, tension, worry, and dismay leave your mind and your physical body. You have more energy to do the things you choose to do. Even those things you thought were expectations and demands, slip gently into a more positive state of awakened participation.

The deep life-draining weariness slips away. Yes, the body will still tire - that's what it does. However, your inner being will awaken into an uplifted state of being that grants you more vitality and joy.

This grants you the ability to "do" when that is appropriate and "rest" when that is the right thing to "do".

So, shine on with a renewed sense of intention to be in that state of awareness as often as possible. When you slip out of that state of being, just notice it and return.

We wait for you there.