Have you sought refuge?

Did you rest there when you found it or did you struggle on?

Did you seek peace?

Did you abide in that peace or did you disregard it and press on?

You ask and you receive, yet you discard the gift!

We know you feel shame if you are not moving forward in every aspect of your life. You believe that resting is not moving forward. You believe that abiding in peace is a luxury. According to whom?

Take the time to rest and to be at peace. Peace, as you have defined it, is empty - the absence of doing. Not true! Peace holds great keys to moving forward!

Peace - peace as is given to you from Divine Source - grants you great power! Peace generates energy to move forward with great calm and strength.

Sitting still with an electronic screen before you is not peace. This, indeed, is the "empty" you rush to avoid.

Fill yourself with bliss! Bliss is found within the space of peace. We have much more to say to you about this, yet, for now we encourage you to take a new look at peace. Bring your awareness into peace and see what happens next!

We await your surprise!