Phil and I were our on our walk on Bateman Island a few days ago and we were talking about new projects and old projects. We both have learned the ability to let things go. It isn’t easy at first, but we have had to let go of a lot of stuff over the years. Careers that didn’t work, family members that passed, family members that didn’t treat us well, friends that moved on, changes in plans and changes in ourselves. Our process is fairly simple. We just say, NEXT! It’s like going to a fast food restaurant. They take your order and then say NEXT! And go to the next person in line.

First thing of our process, we notice what isn’t working. See, that’s the hard part! We think because we love something or someone, that “should” be enough! Love is not enough when the other person is unwilling or when something better is waiting for our attention.

When something is just not working, notice that without judgment. We feel like we have to blame ourselves or another person for a failed relationship. Nope! We feel like we have to blame the economy or the rules or the whatevers. NOPE! Just notice what isn’t working with an open heart and open mind.

Here’s the rub. Often when something/someone is ready to be released, there is a disruptive event. Harsh words. An abandonment. A restriction that cannot be overcome. It is so easy to get caught up in that part that we cannot see our way clear.

It’s like walking a pathway. A friend is walking beside you. Their path starts to veer off. (Or maybe our path veers away.)We try to hang on tighter and tighter. Or a career takes a turn that won’t fit for us. We try to adapt. We try to make peace with it. Alas, we cannot. Often, if we don’t release, we set ourselves up for a big, painful blow up.

So, while noticing without judgment, sit or stand really tall. Head up. Shoulders back. Chin lifted (not in defiance, but in curious open-heartedness—feel the difference?). Looking forward and out with an open focused gaze, say the word NEXT!

You’ll be surprised what begins to show up! And you are emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually ready for it!

So, what’s next? Lol. Imagine 3 screens in front of you. On the first screen place an image of what is happening now. (Again avoid judgment, just what is.) On the 3rd screen imagine what you’d like to see. A warm pleasant friendship where you are talking and laughing easily. Or, a career where you are excited to be doing what your doing. You may not see what it is clearly, but you know how it feels. See yourself feeling good!

Then, ask Divine Source to fill in what the middle screen looks like. Just be with it for a few minutes and see what “shows up”. Not good at visualizing? See what feelings come up and make up a scene to fit the feelings. Like: it feels like I feel when I’m out getting an ice coffee with friends. Or, it feels like I’m sorting through my talents and abilities to find what I do best. Then create an image that fits.

Now, “swipe left” until you are focused on the outcome screen. Stay with that until it arrives in your life! Each time you find yourself focused on a different screen, NEXT! “Swipe Left!! May you be abundantly blessed with the next wonderful thing!