Love surrounds you and love guides you now. Can you stop for a moment and allow yourself to sense this energy? It will feel warm, calm, peaceful and knowing.

You may have other energy in your being right now. You may be carrying sorrow or fear or anxiety. Those energies make this loving energy seem distant and odd, yet it is there and it is very real. Open your heart space and expand your awareness to sense beyond the physical. Once perceived by the awareness, it becomes real to the physical senses as well.

Notice outward from your body with open curiosity. You will "bump into" an energy field that feels warm, calm, peaceful and knowing. Once you "bump into" this energy, you can invite it to harmonize your energy field to balance within it's range of vibration. This will feel like your body becoming relaxed and your mind becoming at ease. Can you imagine this? Can you sense this? Can you then feel this?

We say this in this order because the imagination is more than just your imagination. The imagination taps you into the place of ultimate creativity and/or creation. Once you envision something, you have a greater chance of bringing it into being into the physical world. This is because the Universe (Divine Source) responds to your heart-felt imaginings and co-creates with you the circumstances and opportunities to manifest the essence of your heart-felt imaginings. That's why sometimes what comes to you is far better than you could even imagine! The energy of your heart-felt imaginings is the beginning place of manifesting.

You may not know what warm, calm, peaceful and knowing feels like. Perhaps your life has been filled with chaos and trauma . . . perhaps right now your life is filled with chaos and trauma. Chaos and trauma imagine far different things than warm, calm, peaceful and knowing. This is why we ask you to stop for a moment and then sense for this loving energy.

It's there for you! Notice and become aware. Once you "bump into" this energy, it can and will draw closer to you if you are willing. You may feel that giving up the chaos and trauma will leave you vulnerable. This is untrue. Giving up chaos and trauma will leave you warm, calm, peaceful and knowing. You will be able to respond to your life in powerful and self-supporting ways with this expanded awareness.

Reach for it!

Out of great love and great respect for you, we are handing this loving energy to you now