​"Please!  Please God!  Make this situation different!  I don't like it!!"

We pray this "Prayer of Last Resort" when we've tried everything else and we don't like what's happening and we want someone to fix our world.

Certainly, Divine Source hears and responds to these prayers.

Yet, an "Open-Hearted Prayer" doesn't wait until a crisis point, but rather uses prayer as an ongoing form of communication.

An "Open-Hearted Prayer" moves into a positive state of being rather than fear and trauma.  This type of prayer allows us to consider the positive outcome rather than merely attempting to dismiss an undesired outcome.

I've been asked to share a few of the "Open-Hearted Prayers" that I shared in The Divine Fellowship services.  I hope they bless you and assist you in your journey.  

How you wish to address the prayer is up to you.  How you wish to close the prayer also rests within your comfort zone.  Don't know?  I recommend beginning with - Loving Spirit of Light and closing with - And so it is.  (I'm a Jesus fan, so I open with "Loving Father" and end with "In the Name of Jesus.")

We kinda get stuck in the "Prayer of Last Resort" because we perceive that Divine Source rations out favors only if we beg hard enough or whine long enough.  So not true!!  

Divine Source awaits our requests with a genuine desire to assist and help us.  Yet that same desire to assist us respects our desire to do it on our own if we choose that.  

This respectful distance isn't because Divine Source DOESN'T CARE . . . but because we are CARED FOR WITH ULTIMATE RESPECT!  

We often don't feel heard, yet we are the one's not listening.  Gentle nudges come to assist us and guide us along the way.  

Utilizing the "Open-Hearted Prayer" technique allow us to be in the receiving mode.  WE not only receive those nudges, we act upon them because we aren't shut down in trauma.  Here are a few for you to try.

Open-Hearted  Prayer for a Relationship

Create within me an open heart to see things from a Divine Perspective.  Open doors of communication and understanding - if possible.  Bring acceptance into my heart.  Grant me wisdom to stand on Holy Ground.

(Note:  This prayer recognizes the power of free will of our partner/beloved.  It also aligns us with the potential to see not only someone else's view point, but  another viewpoint​ - a Divine viewpoint.  It also creates a space for acceptance of one's self and for the other person - stepping away from judgment and expectations of how it "should" be.  If gifts us with the ability to wisely have clear boundaries that are based in truth, not just in our expectations.)

Open-Hearted Prayer for Health

Thank You for the Health I have.  Bless my body and its capacity to heal itself.  Bring to my awareness new methods, procedures and possibilities to assist my healing.  Help me to do what my body, mind and spirit need in order to heal and be healthy.​

(Note:  This prayer reminds us that we are still alive and have a measure of health.  It may not be what we want, yet we have a measure of health for which we may have gratitude.​  This reminds us that the body holds an amazing ability to heal.  It helps us keep an open awareness for opportunities to try new things.  Sometimes our bodies need rest, yet we push on and then bemoan our illness or physical weakness.  This prayer reminds us of our part.  It also reminds us that our sub-conscious and our spirit  communicate to us through our physical form and gives us permission to pay attention and heal on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Open-Hearted Prayer for Finances/Career

May the labor of my hands bring me abundance, joy and fulfillment.  ​Grant me worthy work and honorable pay to support myself and my dreams.

(Note:  Short and sweet, this prayer recognizes our efforts as the fulfillment of our destiny - our spiritual purpose.  And so it is.)

An Open-Hearted Prayer for Overcoming Discouragement

Shine your Divine Light into my soul, my mind, and my emotions.  Illuminate this darkness I feel.  Grant me the ability to see my true destiny.  Bring fresh awareness and insight to reveal the truth of my sacred path.

(Note:  The darkness that looms over us blinds us to our value.  We believe the lie that we are not good enough.  This Divine illumination shows us a different view.  The very thing that may have us feeling unworthy may be the key to our success.  When I tried to be what I thought everyone else wanted me to be, I failed miserably.  When I began to awaken to my true self, everyone else liked me better, too!  That which is creating your discouragement may be the very thing you came to change.  My husband, Phil, used to get so upset with "stupid people" until he realized that his destiny was to assist others so that they could make informed decisions.  I used to get discouraged because I thought my religion condemned psychics until I realized that I came to clear that misconception out of the way.  What's got you discouraged?  Look at the true essence of that discouragement with the light of this prayer.  You will see a door open for you!)


As you've noticed with these notes and comments that what we think to ourselves influences how we pray and whether or not we can move into an Open-Hearted state of being.  

I presented a message at the Divine Fellowship entitled:  Betrayal, Patterns of Thought and Prayer. (You Tube; thedivinefellowship 9/18/16)  

Betrayal, Patterns of Thought, and Prayer