On one hand, it appears that days, hours, moments slip by so very quickly. Things that happened years ago feel like they happened just yesterday.

On the other hand, time seems to stand still. Moments seem to drag with heavy weights attached. Time does appear to change with our attention and our awareness. When one is connected creatively in their world, time flies. When one is disconnected from Creative Source, time drags. We languish in the disconnected moments and life flies by while we are engaged and connected.

We wish it were the other way, do we not? We wish we could hold on to those connected and engaged moments and we wish the difficult times would fly by.

Truth is, by connecting and re-engaging, we move more quickly through the difficult moments of life and allow Loving Spirit of Light to uplift and carry us through. Unfortunately, re-engaging is the last thought of the disconnected mind.

Feeling bogged down? This reminds you to reconnect - to re-engage spiritually and creatively with life. When bogged down, one forgets to do what they love to do. The bog-fog causes the spirit to submerge and be still. This is called survival. Yet, one doesn't survive well this way. Survival happens best - even in troubling times - when one is fully engaged in life.

How to begin to re-engage? Notice with your expanded awareness the world around you. Notice its colors and flavors - its smells and its sensory input. What are you experiencing right now? How do the clothes on your body feel? What does the world outside your present location look like? Cold and dreary? Bright and clear? Notice and pay attention to what you see and experience. This drops the bog-fog down a few notches and your spirit can emerge to assist you in your life experience. Once your spirit is re-engaged, you may find a clearer directive for what brings you joy. Love to cook? Might want to make something. Love to paint? Might want to make something. Love to garden? Might want to get your hands into the dirt.

We have encouraged you in the past to be a human being, not a human doing. Yet, in doing activities with an engaged spirit, joy comes to you more quickly. We encourage you to find balance in the being and the doing. The act of being, without and engaged spirit, leads to the bog-fog exhaustion. The act of doing, without the spirit, leads to overwhelmed, duty-driven exhaustion.

The key to a vibrant life is balanced, engaged awareness. This leads you into joyful expression of your true self that transcends the restriction of time. You tap into the joy, grace, and bliss of eternity both with mindful being and with mindful doing.