We are with you as you reclaim your power.

You hesitate because you fear someone will attempt to take it away from you again either through force or manipulation. Your fear would have been accurate in the past, yet, you've changed. You've grown. You've been on a path of self-discovery and the discoveries made so far preclude you from falling victim again.

This is to say that perhaps another person may physically have more power over your physical being. This is to say that perhaps another person may have power over your work as you may still be in the role of employee and civil laws govern your life still.

What this does say, is that your sense of your own power has shifted. You no longer strive for the kind of power that comes by force or manipulation (guilt, shame, fear - which is a dark form of force). Rather, you stand connected to Divine Source, empowered by your own expanded awareness. This expanded awareness allows you the experience of walking your sacred path with strength and honor - which in turn brings you joy.

This also grants you the ability to speak your truth with the power of Grace. You may choose to decline a suggestion from a friend or family member. You may choose to proceed in a different direction than others expect. You may choose to move beyond preconceived concepts and into a greater level of wisdom found within the heart-space and within this expanded awareness.

In this process, ask for Divine Assistance and it will be given. You have learned - and are learning still - the techniques for connecting in and receiving this information, insight, and guidance that is so freely offered to you. Keep seeking the connection of Love and Joy that brings these insights to you.

Should you find yourself in a place where you don't feel as if you are receiving any guidance, be still, be calm, notice your life with deep gratitude. Then, insights will flow.

We have more to say on this, but for now, remember gratitude is the key to connection to Divine Love. Love is the key to expanded awareness. Expanded Awareness is the key to an empowered life of Joy and Abundance.

We walk with you as you reclaim this ascension power.