I was going to pour myself some Kombucha tea into a glass the other day.  It’s a great probiotic and actually quite refreshing.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing and shook the bottle before I opened it.  It foamed all over the counter in an unstoppable wave of liquid and bubbles.

I grabbed the nearest thing to catch the spill—a sponge.  Unfortunately, the sponge was dry.  It couldn’t pick up any of the rapidly expanding pool of foam.  I wetted the sponge quickly and rung it out.  Than it happily sucked up most of the spillage.  A couple of squeezes of the excess into the sink and the happy sponge sucked up more.

I think we get dried out spiritually.

We cannot absorb anything.  We cannot sense anything.  We cannot release anything because we are spiritually dried up.  We are not functioning as happily as we would like. 

The symptoms of spiritual dehydration are fatigue, listlessness, irritability, rigidity, and a general meh feeling.  Sound familiar?

It’s easy to allow life to suck the joy right out of us and leave us all spiritually dried out.

My happy little sponge couldn’t receive anything until it was flooded with water and then that water squished out.  That left it ready and able to pick up whatever moisture was there.

You’ve heard me refer to empaths as “The quicker picker upper” like the paper towel.  And yet any of us can get spiritually dried out and not pick up anything of value anymore.  Anything negative is registered and we just sit and drown in it, but that negativity doesn’t replenish our absorption abilities.  If anything it dries us out further! 

So, how do we refresh our spiritual absorption abilities?

We put ourselves into the flow.  The flow is all around us, but without our attention, we cannot receive it.  How do we awaken our attention?  With intention.  With the attention, we awaken our intention to be within the flow.  Just like the sponge under the flow of water, we receive the flow of spiritual energy and are renewed to our happy purposefulness.

Try it now.  Notice that there is light around you.  Even in a darkened room, there may be a glow of light from a computer screen or a night light.  Allow this to register in your awareness. Now, create for yourself a visual of Divine Light from Source flowing around you.  It’s just there.  You don’t have to do anything but become aware of it.  Give the Light permission to flow into you.  Now see this Light of Love flowing into your body.  Allow it. 

Ahhh.  Can you feel that?  Yes!  Maybe even just a little, depending upon how spiritually dried up you may be.  (A dried prune takes longer to absorb water than a sponge.  If you are feeling more prune-ish than sponge-ish, allow yourself to open up more. Sponges have lots more holes than prunes.)

Now you have the capacity to receive spiritual guidance and insights along with a deeper sense of connection with the Divine and with all things.  May this process bless you richly!