As this day unfolds - or as it closes in rest, notice where you are right now - in this moment. This moment's awareness reveals a lot to you.

Are you stressed? This moment reveals to you your lost perspective. You think you are powerless! Untrue Dear One! Power resides within you and flows through you beyond your present circumstances. Tap into this power and let it empower you.

Are you exhausted? This moment reveals to you a different lost perspective. You think you must accomplish all before you rest. This also is untrue Dear One! You get to rest in the true awareness of who you are! A significant vessel of Light and Love! Certainly, the physical form becomes weary after a full day, yet the emotional exhaustion reveals that you have cut yourself off from resting in the arms of Spirit (so to speak). This rest restores the soul and encourages the body to seek the rest it requires.

Are you afraid? This moment reveals to you another lost perspective. You think that you will fail at protecting yourself. In this thought pattern you forget Divine Protection available to you. Awaken to this Divine Protection and feel the safety this provides not only your soul, but your mind as well as you physical form. We alert you to situations that require your attention. Fear blocks you from perceiving these alerts! Tap into the courage and strength provided by Divine Source and you will receive these alerts easily.

We walk with you. We bless you. We care for you. Know the truth of this and set yourself free from stress, exhaustion and fear.