A lot of research has been done in recent years about the power of belonging.  When we belong to a group or organization, we live longer and live healthier lives.  

Why is that true?

Partially because we get out of our own way and have deep connections and add meaning to our lives.  Also, those deep connections happen on an energetic level.  We we connect energetically, we harmonize.  

The cells in our body harmonize. Our intent harmonizes and blends with the intent of others.  Remember when we do drumming?  Each drum has its own voice, its own sound.  And yet when played with other drums, it blends and becomes part of the One Voice.  When we do the "round robin" and each drum plays by itself, we can not only hear its singular voice, but other drums will vibrate and resonate to its voice.  Each of those other drums, when played, do not sound exactly like the first drum, yet, their tones harmonize - vibrate together.

So, too we resonate with others of like mind.  This harmony is a good thing when the group intent is for kindness and love.

Most people who walk into the sanctuary of The Divine Fellowship say they immediately feel the energy of the place and it feels like HOME.   We hear it over and over.  That energy of HOME has been instilled into that physical space by the energetic harmony we create when we are there.  We all believe different things, yet we can harmonize with one another.  We all have different perceptions of Spirit and Divine Source, yet we choose to harmonize and blend with one another without giving up our own personal preferences for faith.

Once this energy was established, we protected it with small bowls of stones and crystals to hold the energy.  The space maintains the energy even if we are not there.  This energy is connected to Source/Divine Energy and maintains itself.   When we do come together for a class or a service, the energy ramps up from there.  

People can be having a really rough time physically, financially, mentally, emotionally or spiritually . . . walk into the church and begin to feel better.  It doesn't take energy from anyone as the energy is already connected to Source and cannot be depleted!  This Sacred Energy is totally a renewable energy!  

Sacred Energy offers a basis for our energy to harmonize into.  Pain diminishes, frustrations decrease, joy unfolds.  It's the natural energy we have a right to enjoy.  We just forget.  The worries of the world, the stresses of expectations knock our vibrations out of this Sacred Energy vibration and into a physical world / survival energy.  Life is more than merely surviving!  We become so racked up about stuff that we forget that some of the poorest countries with the fewest things are far happier than we are!  They share.  They laugh.  They love.  They enjoy a community of Sacred Energy.

Phil and I have taken a couple of weeks to decompress from life and have a stay-cation to work in the yard, paint pictures, do some writing, (actually, he works on his VW electric bug and I paint and write), read some books and articles, watch the stars emerge, and generally just "be".  We truly miss the Sacred Energy of The Divine Fellowship.  It's not my energy or Phil's energy, but it's own unique Sacred Energy that revitalizes us from the inside out.  We are really looking forward to coming back to "work" - back into that shared harmonic of Love and Light.

I don't know how others can stay away for months or years at a time.  It just doesn't work for me.  That harmonic community of Sacred Energy empowers my life.  I hope you get a chance to enjoy this Sacred Energy, too.  My soul looks forward to seeing you there!

Many Blessings, Janice

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