You see with your eyes and judge with your mind.

We ask you to look, for now, with your heart-of-hearts at everything and everyone around you. Then rather than judgment, allow yourself to flow into the consciousness of compassion.

When you observe with your heart-of-hearts, you "see" or perceive things differently than when you look with your eyes and your judgments.

Your heart-of-hearts knows and identifies expanded awareness rather than failings and shortcomings. This knowing allows you to see the pain behind the suffering behind the antagonism and cruelty that you abhor. This in no way dismisses the cruelty nor ignores that behavior. Rather, this insight refuses to feed that cruelty with judgment and condemnation and assists that behavior into change - true change. Transformation actually.

Just as you have transformed and no longer are the person you once were, others have the power to change as well. You can choose to condemn and hate or you can choose to uplift and shift. By uplifting the person - even someone who is hurting and acting in a cruel manner - you uplift them out of the pain for a split second and they shall be given an opportunity to notice and shift. Divine Source grants this moment of awareness when you support higher consciousness with love.

Let us help you further with this. When you see something that creates a negative feeling within, notice this situation with your higher consciousness - your expanded awareness. Then, for just a moment, apply deep compassion to the HEART of that person - their heart-of-hearts. This in no way condones their behavior - and it in no way condemns it either. For just a moment in your time-space, hold their heart-of-hearts in the awareness of compassion.

This opens a window of opportunity for Divine Love to enter and work it's magic. Though it's not really magic.

Give this moment of compassion into their heart-of-hearts and notice what it does to your heart-of-hearts! Magic!

We perceive this magic happening and see profound results!

We rejoice in this!