You, Dear One, are awakening more fully to the Light. In this awakening, you find yourself standing without fear. Well, without so much fear. At the beginning of your awakening, the darkness was so familiar that the Light brought trepidation and fear to your awareness. Now that you've experienced more and more of the Light and your Divine Connection, the Light now feels familiar and you welcome it.

Even so, this Light requires different things from you than the darkness required. The darkness required you to hide your feelings and to hide any wrongdoing or even any difficulty. The darkness required a brave face and a shrouded life.

Not so with Light.

The Light asks you to be true to your heart-of-hearts. Sounds frightening on the surface! The key here is connecting with others who allow this truth to run free. 

The Light asks you to share who you are with grace and honor. This, too, generates trepidation. This fear comes from your interactions with those who take only - and neither appreciate nor value this gift. The key here is also connecting with those who acknowledge and bless your gifts. (This is not to say do not share unless you get something back - there are times and situations for giving without any thought to these things. We are speaking to you sharing your true self - not sharing your physical bounty because you can.)

The key to being true to your heart-of-hearts and to the sharing of your true self becomes your community. Certainly, you can be true and share that truth anytime, yet to grow and flourish choose whom you allow in your presence.

Sometimes families set roles and rules for family acceptance. This may not fit for sharing your Light on a deep soul level. Certainly, share your Light with family!!! This means, let them see the joy and the peace you contain. Hold your own council if your family rejects or criticized your spiritual path.

We sincerely hope that you quickly discover others of like-minds that can hear and honor your heart-of-hearts. If your world is currently devoid of these friendships, know that your energy, your connection to The Light, draws these people to you. Discern who is worthy of this Light. We will assist you as you seek like-minded beings of Light.

Seek and you will find. Seek and you will be found and blessed.

We walk with you in this blessed journey.