Your ascension path winds through challenges. Challenges to your faith, to your well being, and to your awareness. Along this winding path, you have great power should you choose to accept it.

Let us assist you with a visualization.

Imagine yourself sitting on an open expanse of beach. The beautiful sunshine beaming down upon you lifts your spirits. The gentle waves upon the beach relax you and offer you peace.

If you took a moment to visualize what we were saying, you probably began to relax and feel at ease.

Now, visualize a steep mountain peak and a narrow trail carved right up against the cliff. There is a steep drop off descending inches away from your toes. There is only room for you to walk sideways with your back to the rock. In order to move forward or back ward, you must sidestep and hold your hands out, clinging to the rock as you go.

If you are a rock climber, you might find this exhilarating. If not, you might find this visualization a bit stressful and uncomfortable.

These visualizations help you realize that your mind can take you anywhere! Where do you choose to go? Where do you choose to make your awareness exist? What are you visualizing?

If you visualize doom and gloom, your body will react accordingly and respond as if doom and gloom are already here. If you visualize the possibility of an unknown outcome and hold that outcome with optimism, your body will react accordingly and respond as if the optimistic outcome is already here.

How to shift from the gloom and doom?

Notice that your body feels stressed and uncomfortable. You have no idea how things will turn out. Now, send a message out into the future for optimum results. Let us say that again in a different way. In your awareness, notice and engender a feeling of optimistic calm. (It is already there. See it? Feel it? It is a free gift from Divine Source already there for you to discover.) Call out/send out that feeling of open-hearted optimism into the future. Awaken (it's already there) and send that feeling into the future.

You might wish to follow this up with a statement that fits for you. Perhaps one of these - I don't know how this will turn out, so, I hereby call into being the highest and best good for all of humankind and the Earth itself and direct it to appear quickly. or . . . That which is good, I send into the future to manifest for the greater good. or . . . I hereby send this open-hearted optimism into the future, may it be so.

This sending forth of energy and intent has great influence upon the physical realm. Not only for your own physical body, but for your peace of mind because you are doing something useful. It blesses your emotions because you tap into a greater good rather than your own fears. It blesses your soul because you connect in with Divine Source in the process.

You stand at the precipice of choice. Do you choose to grip fearfully to the rocky cliff edge? Or, do you choose paradise. The choice is yours.

Guess where we will be . .