The weather certainly changes its mind a lot this time of year. Cold, then warm, then windy, then cold again, with a sunny day thrown in the mix here and there. I admit I am ready for warmer weather so I can get outside and enjoy my backyard. I’m ready for that change.

Life happens. Things change. Yet sometimes we feel stuck and unable to change. Also, we feel unable to adapt to the changes around us. Part of us might want to change and part of us wants things to stay the same. We want everything and everyone else to change so we don’t have to.

What we really want is easy. Without struggle. Effortless. If change were easy, we’d do it!

Change can be easy—effortless. We can transform ourselves and our lives without struggle! How do we do that? We get real. We get clear. We get absorbed in child-like wonder. We open to Divine Guidance, and we walk our sacred path.

Whatever situation we wish to change or whatever aspect of ourselves we wish transform, we start by taking a look at where we are right now. What really exists in our awareness that we might choose to change? We may think we need a change in career, or a partner, or situation. The truth? That difficulty we feel reveals to us what sits out of balance within us. An imbalance affects our world.

Life and our perceptions change, our purpose changes, and our heart’s desires may change with it. But I don’t know what I want to change or what that’s supposed to look like! Oh, so true! But, I bet you know the FEELING you are longing for, do you not? Peaceful? Joyful? Aware? Relaxed? Abundant? Care-free? Open-hearted? Loved and loving? We also know what feelings we don’t want: angry, unforgiving, tired, restless, unfulfilled, fearful, resentful.

Rather than looking at the external, look inside. What really am I feeling? That feeling suggests to you an imbalance exists. What is out of balance? If I’m angry, what is stealing my joy? Hint: No one can steal my joy, but I can let myself get overrun with duty, obligation, fear, striving, and efforting. No joy? Am I even bothering to do anything that would bring me joy? Usually, no. It seems easier to blame and shut down my joyful creative side than to break through the “efforting”. But easier? Really? NO!!

The real snag here? Our mental perspective. Why? Because our come-from exists without Divine Connection! With Divine Connection, God does the heavy lifting and we do the shifting!

Ready for some joy (or whatever energy you desire)? Remember something joyful (or whatever quality you desire). When we feel joy-less, this concept seems hard because we are doing it alone. Shift into Divine Connection by asking for the Light of Love to shine into your life, your memories right now. With this Light beaming from heaven, bring the memory, the energy, and the feeling into clear perspective. You might even want to say the word “Awaken!”

Joy (or the quality we seek) awakens within us! We shift effortlessly! Doors open and new possibilities emerge. Happy Happens!