The human capacity for filtering information is profound. Scientific studies yield opposing viewpoints depending upon the ones interpreting the evidence.

Two people can view the same situation and have completely different opinions about what that situation means. One person may view the situation as a struggle or a difficulty where another person views it as a challenge or opportunity.

This is because you see things with your physical eyes and you view things with your awareness at the same time. If you are only aware of tragedy and challenge, that will be all that you will see in your environment. If you have experienced tragedy, challenge, joy and elation, you are more apt to perceive things with all of these filters engaged - this gives you a broader perspective.

Add to this perspective a spiritual awareness and your filters expand to add in more light into your vision. This vision we speak of includes not only what you see in the here and now, but what you hope to accomplish - your vision.

What do you envision for yourself? For your world? Does your vision include a spiritual perspective?

To obtain a spiritual perspective, read spiritual things, talk to spiritually engaged people, talk to Divine Source, listen to your inner awakenings and pay attention to Divine Source as the connection deepens and you become more aware of Presence.

Perhaps you perceive this as hard work. You may have a filter blocking you from noticing the ease in which spiritual awareness happens! Notice your filter. Has it always been hard to achieve the things you desire? Bring your awareness and your perspective to notice the letter "a" on this page. It blends into the other letters and just becomes part of the words that communicate information to you. However, take a moment and notice the letter "a" as it appears within this sentence.

There it is! You see it! It was easy to see! You merely adjusted your filtering system to perceive it. You allowed yourself the opportunity to look and behold! You saw the letter "a" throughout the sentence.

Same is true with spiritual awareness. Shift your filter by saying something like: I'm now open to seeing Divine Source in my life.

Now open your awareness and look. Behold! There! You now allow yourself to perceive Divine Source in your life.

This is easy and this is fun. You may find yourself surprised at how often you sense, see, feel or experience Divine Source in your life.

We will speak more later about utilizing Divine Source to guide, direct and manifest within your life.

For now, behold and enjoy!!