What is your heart looking forward to happening? What is your mind looking forward to achieving? What is your soul looking forward to becoming?

Nothing come to mind?

Wonderful! You are in a place of transition! The key for this transition period is to refrain from discouragement, boredom, or irritation. It is so easy to judge that things are not going your way or that you are flawed in some way as to not be able to have this forward looking perspective. Not true!

Truth is, the forward looking perspective asks you to review (look back) and take stock (notice here and now) so that the new can be presented to you or awaken in your awareness.

Allow yourself the time to awaken to the new perspectives, hope, dreams and goals with frequent look backs and noticing here and now. We remind you to not get stuck in the look backs, but look back for things that brought you great joy - pursue more of that!! Rather than feeling blocked in the here and now, notice in the here and now what brings you great joy - pursue more of that.

Should you find yourself falling into discouragement, boredom, or irritation, take a few easy steps to shift out of that and back into the noticing.

First step to overcoming the discouragement, boredom, or irritation is to breathe. Take at least three deep breaths and let them out slowly. This resets your awareness and allows it to expand.

Next, bring your attention to any object within view and really notice it. Was it a gift? Move into a memory of deep gratitude. Was it a purchase or a find? Move into a memory of delight and excitement. Is it a pet? Move into a state of love and tenderness. Gratitude, delight/excitement, along with love and tenderness automatically shifts one's perspective.

Try it now!

See how that feels?

You needed that!

You are welcome!

We hold YOU in a state of gratitude, delight/excitement, love and tenderness. Thank you for being you. It is such a blessing to us!