Phil and I have been making some changes. Not willingly. My broken arm is almost healed. Yay! Yet, the changes implemented during that ordeal will stay. Phil is facing surgery on his hand next fall, so he is changing his hobbies starting now.

The biggest change for me? Becoming willing to ask for help. I had no idea that I was so resistant to assistance! Yet, I kept hurting myself needlessly just because I thought I could do it myself. (My brother suffers from this same affliction. He recently had double knee replacement surgery and discovered that, he, too, had difficulty asking for assistance. He postulated that we knew as kids we were not only not going to get any help, and we would be shamed for doing so. As a result, we learned to avoid asking.)

Phil has been a real treasure during all of this. Only once did he threaten to use my full name on me. That was when I attempted to take a hot, heavy dish out of the microwave that resides over the stove. I would have dropped it and scalded myself and shattered the stove top. I’m finding it easier and easier to ask for assistance because people’s kindness washes reluctance away.

Phil on the other hand has had to change in very different ways. His hand surgery deals with his thumbs. He has no cartilage in the base joint of both thumbs, making most of his tasks extremely painful. He had to give up working on his old VW cars—which he truly loved doing. He can do some things, but the tasks that require a strong grip on a wrench had to go. As a result, two of his favorite cars had to go—his 70 VW bus and a little squareback. He was quite sad at first. Once he let them go, he was able to shift his thinking to other projects that bring him joy . . . His telescope to watch the stars and planets, and old radios to repair and refinish.

Letting go is really hard! I had to let go of an old habit that no longer served me—doing it myself. Phil had to let go of a hobby and a dream. (I guess it was kind of a dream that I thought I could do it all myself . . . Lol.)

At any rate, letting go takes time and positive action in a new direction. And the very hardest part of letting go is getting past judgment. I SHOULD be able to do it myself! Phil judging himself as less-than because he can no longer wrench on cars.

What might you be letting go? A lost dream? (boy that hurts and its really hard—ask Phil!) A lost ability? An old habit that no longer serves? When we don’t let go cleanly, those things hang on to us and become burdensome.

It’s springtime and the new growth is popping up all over. Those old, dead plants from last year have to go. Those new weeds have to go as well. Whatever new growth you desire for your life right now depends upon letting go of the old, dead stuff and the needless habituated patterns.

Yes. It may have been important to you. It may have helped you in some way until now. Yet, set yourself free of it. Thank it for it’s service and bless it as you unlock it from your heart.

Pick something new to focus upon. Notice the shift that happens when you allow yourself to make a new choice. Notice the ease in which you can pick up this something new. May this new something become bright, wonderful, and fulfilling!